Friday, January 11, 2013

Help me understand more Gun Control?

My question is why do we choose to make more people defenseless with gun control?  How can we believe it will make us safer? 

I get it! The shooting mass murder was horrible in Connecticut! I was sick from the tragedy for weeks. I lost sleep.  I imagine other people had the same feelings. I was internalizing how it would be if it was my loved one lost to this tragedy.  A crazy twenty year man Adam Lanza was taking psychotic drugs to help him manage his life.  He some how lost it, and I have no doubt he was prescribed  psychotic drugs by a professional. He was able to get a hold of at least four hand guns, and semi automatic rifle, and carry them at will to a designated gun free elementary school where there were defenseless children, teachers, and administration to kill. The people in this country are upset about the actions of this one crazy person. I'm still upset.  At the same time, there are people that are determined to establish more gun control without regard to existing gun control laws.  The state of Connecticut has strict gun laws specifically naming the Bush Master semi automatic as an illegal gun. Adam Lanza shouldn't have been able to get these guns The sad thing was the strict laws didn't stop him.  His intentions were to kill. He was a bad person that wasn't thinking right.  We don't understand the circumstance of how he obtained the guns either. Were they actually registered to his mother? On any event, he found a way to get these guns.    

Aurora Colorado another mass murder shooting at a local mall theater. 10 defenseless people died due to a another crazy insane person. Again the killer was on psychotic drugs prescribed by a professional no doubt, A similar mode of operation. I really don't know how many were wounded at this event. I can probably look it up. Never the less, it was a horrible event.  The psychotic drugs were to help the killer manage his life is my assumption. However, it appears the shooter loses touch with reality.  He decides to hurt, and kill defenseless people using a semi automatic and hand guns. Likewise, the action was done in a gun free zone.  This guy broke the law as soon as he brought the guns into the building. He was breaking the law murdering as well. He was another bad guy with no regard for any laws! This too was a very bad tragedy. 

Anther tragedy at Columbine Colorado High school.  I believe there were 10 innocent defenseless people who died, and  many were wounded as a result of this event.  This was another horrible situation and very tragic.   Same MO crazy kids on psychotic drugs, again breaking the law murdering using guns to kill.  Again the psychotic drugs were administered by a professional.  I believe the AR15 semi automatic rifle was banned during this time frame as well. This time though it was two people involved in the slaying of all these defenseless people in a gun free zone.  They had illegal guns too.  They broke the law by murdering, and totting guns into a gun free zone with no regard for laws and the intent to kill. 

All these situations were terrible and committed by young bad men on psychotic drugs with guns with no regard for authority or the meaning of law.  All these bad men had mental health issues, and I'm not confident that the mental health caused them to kill.  On the other hand, every psychotic drug that I know that is on the market has many side effects most importantly, warnings about suicide tendency and aggression towards others. Mainstream media has not made a peep about this.  I wonder why?  The question I need some real help with and understanding is why do so many people insist by taking away any gun from law abiding citizens is going to make us any safer? In fact, we will be making law abiding citizens defenseless just like the innocent children in the schools.  Is that what we want?  If more gun control laws pass, will we feel safer that we have made more opportunity for bad people to do things?  It is very evident in other countries that strict gun laws don't work.  Mexico, a person that gets caught with a gun goes to jail.  All I see is more defenseless people. UK is the same way,  Peirce Morgan points to the UK that the gun related deaths are low, but they don't point out how many deaths are related to knife, fist or club. It is a very violent place.  Look it up! UK still has gun related deaths too.  Where do the bad guys find guns?

There will always be bad people. There will always be guns.  There are over 300 million people in the US and there are probably at least 4 guns per person in the US.  Even if there was an effort to try and rain in these guns, there will be people that will never turn them in.  Do you really think the bad guys will turn in their guns? Again what doesn't make sense is by the actions of bad people a large group of people choose to target law abiding citizens that know right from wrong.  How is this illusion making law abiding citizens defenseless going to make the gun free zones and schools safer? I just want to understand why there is such a push to make more defenseless people in our society? 

Yes guns are dangerous. However, there are a lot of people that know how to use them too  Besides the police, besides the military, there are x military, hunters, x police officers, and law abiding citizens that want to protect their life, family and property. 

The other argument I hear is that we should ban semi automatic weapons. Only the military and the police should have these weapons. We should rely on the police to protect us.  Unfortunately, the police can not be everywhere.  It only takes minutes to commit a crime.  A person calls 911 and the event is over. Technically, our military should not be operating and exercising on American soil.   The military is not going to protect us.   The illusion that the police wear guns to protect us is false.  They wear guns to protect themselves. In many cases police actually shoot innocent by standers in a shoot out trying to get the bad guy. With that said, that brings me to the 2nd amendment   I see that people don't understand the 2nd amendment very well.   This is my interpretation,   

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.  
2nd amendment calls for a regulated Militia.  The people of the state are the militia.  The people are meant to secure the free state.  This was put in place by our for fathers to protect us from Tyrannical  government.  In addition, the rights of the people to keep, and bear Arms shall not be infringed. So it goes back to why are so many people so bent on giving up their rights to be defenseless? In addition, by banning guns and making more regulation, infringes the common citizen to establish the regulated Militia, and the means to protect ourselves. The 2nd amendment doesn't talk about hunting, or using it for sports it's not about that.  Likewise, a person can choose not to own a gun. It's their right, but I am being infringed when someone is telling me what I can and can't do.  

Lastly, without the 2nd amendment there will be no 1st amendment the freedom of speech.  If we whittle away at our 2nd amendment, we lose and become defenseless.  


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