Monday, May 27, 2013

Advocate for Norml DFW

On June 7th through the 9th  Texas Regional Norml Conference.

Texas Regional Norml Conference.

Help support the cause. 

It's not normal it's Norml.

I do not smoke Marijuana, but I'm a witness of how it helps people medically.

I have family members that have been diagnosed with a debilitating disease.  If they were to go the route of traditional medication, the drugs that are offered are too costly.  A 30 day supply of some of the medication was $1000.00 without insurance.  My wife and I would pitch in as much as we could to offset the cost.  After years of struggling  paying for the medication which really didn't seem to provide any relief, it was time to seek alternate solutions.

Marijuana has shown more relief then any of the expensive pharmaceuticals.  As a result, my family members are now somewhat functioning in society.

Unfortunately, people that are in this situation are shunned and become outcasts.  Getting a good paying job is very hard since most jobs require a mandatory drug test. This is an invasion of privacy!  It just doesn't make sense to me.  In addition, people that want to help are afraid to help.

As a result, I've decided to change this.  I'm going to devote my free time to help the decimalization of marijuana, and support Norml's effort in anyway I can. This weekend I became a member of Norml. I realize that I'm subject to ridicule, but I'm going to stay within the law.

Since I am a blogger, an artist, and a musician, I realize I have a voice.   My goal now is to share knowledge, and to get other people like me to become an advocate. My challenge to you is to become a voice to help the shunned, the ridiculed and the outcasts.


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