Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cyclops from Sugar Bytes

Cyclop By Sugar Bytes.

Try Cyclops from Sugar Bytes.

For people that like to create some crazy bass sounds on your MIDI keyboard.  Do you want to create the  that Dub-step sound?  This might be the tool you are looking for? It awesome! Definitely ear candy!

Cyclop is a personal computer application. A synthesizer enthusiasts dream in my personal opinion,  or even for the professional musician  It is really cool and fun to play.  It comes with hours and hours fun with tons of presets that can be tweaked to create your own personal sound.

Some unique features that set it apart from other synthesizers are the automation controls filters and sequencer.  It's really easy to use too.

The price is around 150.00.

I've included a link with samples of my favorite sounds.

https://soundcloud.com/lancruz1/are-we-zombies [soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/67848905" params="?" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="false" /] It will work as a stand alone midi interface with current OS and at least 4 gig of RAM , or it will integrate with FL Studio which is another software PC application.

You can buy at Guitar Center or Amazon or maybe at your local music store.

What I did to create Are We Zombies, I used FL Studio as a sequencer. I'm an affliate, so if you follow this link, and buy FL Studio you can get it with a 10 percent discount from the purchase price.

Use this Link FL Studio Image Line for your savings.  

Send any comments and I'll try to answer any questions.

Thanks for looking.

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