Saturday, December 15, 2012

Drawings and music, Idea?

My thing is to use the right side of my brain.  Imagination is a wonderful thing.  I like to draw! I like music! I would like to solicit everyone's help for my next project?  I don't know if I will be drawing or writing another song.  Here are some examples of the things I can do. Please make a comment below if you like or dislike. Be specific of which one you are making a comment about.

Drawings done with charcoal and colored pencil.

 I like to make my own music too!

Inspired from my son who recently picked up the game of call of duty.

Inspired for the recent synthesizer I picked up.  It has some pretty powerful features.

Recent discovery of dub-step and inspired to create this song. It was more of a learning experience.
Drawing thumbnail is a perspective drawing done with charcoal.

So my question is to get some ideas for my next project. If you don't have any ideas,  Thanks for showing up and looking.

I also work on commission.  Send me a photo and I will draw it. We can negotiate the price.

Here is a drawing of my son playing a guitar.  It is done with charcoal  18"X 20" on Bristol

Stay tuned for more to come.

Please look at my other posts.  Hopefully my other posts will help you in developing the right side of your brain.  Please tell me so.  I'd like to hear if you will be following me.

Thanks for dropping by.

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