Saturday, December 15, 2012

Guns save lives. Armed guards Make Sense.

Good response from the NRA!  Armed guards for our children.  Our children deserve protection. Some Texas schools are already doing it! Israel schools are doing it!  Protection of our children should be Paramount. My tax dollars spent on guards protecting our children instead of sending it to rebels in other countries sounds like a good idea to me. 

Look up the data of countless people that have saved lives with a gun.  Yet there is always talk of disarming defenseless people!  

Go to your browser and search  Gun Saves lives.  
I've added some links for you. Just a few of the many heroes out there.

Read John Stossel's'  Blog Guns Save Lives

This was recent in Oregon!

Why doesn't the media sensationalize someone who has saved his family, a neighbor, his daughter from being  raped? I will tell you why!  It is not news worthy.

We hear a lot about the loan individual, mass murder, and all of the defenseless people that were in harms way or killed. The media sensationalize how horrible it was, and the body count, the gore. The photo of the killer taking up most of the screen on your TV. Entire programs devoted to the mass murder to figuring out the madman's thoughts?  And we only make a blip about the deceased!  Guess what America? We have just set a goal for the next mass murderer. Sometime will pass, the lives lost will be but a memory. We will move on are merry way.  We will probably hear about this killer for years to come. Meanwhile, the next killer, is already planning to do something even bigger. 

Israel School Teacher with a Gun! Israel seems to take security a bit more seriously then America!

Why don't we train our teachers to do the same? 

Are teachers and loved ones are sitting ducks in our schools right now! 

We need to embrace protection!  To solve more shootings in our schools, we should arm the teachers and the administration.  Yes guns can be used to kill, but they can be used to protect too!  There are a lot of people that are afraid of guns, but they have the wrong mentality.  The outcome would have probably been completely different if all the teachers were armed.  Israel teachers carry a gun with them.  The teachers are highly trained on how to use their weapons.  I have never heard of any gun shooting in their schools!

Are teachers go to school knowing that they are unarmed in a place that is a "Gun Free Zone." The expectation is that criminals will read the sign.  Criminals don't care about laws!  Last I heard that's why they are called criminals, they broke the law. The next criminal can now ante up "thanks to the mass media!" The educators say "well we are not a third world country," and like to believe people are more intelligent and have morals and be reasoned with.  "Schools are not a place for guns!"  Oh my, I wish we were in Utopia!

Unfortunately, we are in a depressive economy. in this depressive economy, mental disorder is growing. It's not going to stop!   Someone with a mental disorder is like a bear, you can't stop a bear with reason.  In many situations, you can't stop someone with a mental disorder with reason! It usually gets to a point where something like this happens before the person can get any help or it's too late!

Media has raised the bar by publicly announcing who the killer is and sensationalized the event in his name.

In Albuquerque NM, there is a liquor store that was always getting robbed.  The owner finally stopped the robbers by arming all of the employees and trained them.  I believe there was one attempted armed robbery after the employees were armed, the fool never made it to the door. Since then, they have never had any problems.

My point is to train personnel, the school administration in how to protect themselves with a firearms!.  At least it will prevent issues like this from happening again.

Regarding gun control, Mexico has very strict gun laws. As a private citizen, if you get caught with a gun you will go to jail. Tell me why is Juarez Mexico the "murder" capital of the world?  All I know is that the Innocent can not defend themselves.

You don't need a hand gun for mass murder. Someone with the intent of killing doesn't care about laws!
9-11, the hijackers all they used were box cutters. The rest is history.  When and are we going start regulating sharp objects? I don't believe that will happen to the degree guns are already regulated.

It's crazy people that need to be held accountable.  We need to focus on making it easier to get mental health  care. We need to train our teachers to recognize lethal situations and how to protect themselves and our children.  Excuse the rant, but It's like we are saying the gun has the control over the mind, and guns kill people.

With the country divided on this issue, I will hug my family a little harder today, and pray for the Innocent in this tragedy including the families with their loss.

We need to think twice about disarming America!  By regulated guns only makes the Innocent defenseless! If it does happen, and my guns are taken away, I know who not to vote for next election.  We elect politicians to uphold the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Are the politicians keeping our interests in mind! It looks like to me our rights are slowly being chiseled away! What do you think?

Don't be a victim.
When seconds count.
Don't be defenseless.
Learn how you can protect yourself, and family and save your life!

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