Saturday, December 15, 2012

On Ebay starting at Fluke 683 Enterprise Lanmeter 10/100 Ethernet

Fluke 683 Enterprise Lanmeter 10/100 Ethernet

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Fluke 683 Enterprise Lanmeter 10/100 Ethernet

For all you U.S. techies out there, I'm auctioning a Fluke 683 LAN analyzer that is fully functional.  It can scan your network, and isolate network issues. It is also a CAT5 tester as well as a coax tester.  It also comes with the CAT5 injector, and optical fiber source and meter.

It is a great tool to help trouble shoot your network.  It will read 10/100 TBaseT data and it can also be used to assist in balancing the network.  It can also generate traffic.  A great device to help find the weak links.

Besides the scanner, the CAT5 injector, optical fiber source and receiver, it comes with 3 soft cases, manual, optical fiber launch jumpers, power supply.

The larger bag shows some slight ware, but other then that, all the equipment is fully functional.  I checked the optical source meter and receiver, it zeros out and will determine the db loss between the source and the receiver.  The data can be saved for future reference.

It is one of the few devices besides trouble shooting the physical layer, it can look at the upper layers as well.

Thanks for looking!

Please ask any questions if interested.

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